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The advertiser/agency relationship is under incredible pressure, and the future of the advertising industry is uncertain. The entire marketing ecosystem is being tested. At a time of unprecedented change and complexity in marketing, Agency Mania will transform the way you look at client/agency relationships. It invites you to build sustainable partnerships that deliver unmatched work and results.

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Provocative and eye opening

New edition, published by Beaufort Books, presents insights and best practices for brand managers, marketers and advertisers, including step-by-step processes on how to pursue, manage and maintain stronger partnerships that yield more cost-effective results.

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Nearly a decade later, an updated version of Bruno Gralpois' best-seller and industry reference on how to drive ROI and create more mutually accountable brand/agency relations.

Available early 2019

The book is now available for pre-ordering at major bookstores and retailers including, and Barnes & Noble.

A word about the Author

Bruno Gralpois has been instrumental in establishing Agency Management as a central global discipline for many of the top 200 advertisers. His commitment to successful client/agency partnerships led Gralpois to co-found Agency Mania Solutions and serve as principal. Before that, he held leadership positions at industry-leading companies, including Microsoft and Visa, as well as various pre-IPO software companies. Gralpois is an active member of the ANA Faculty of Marketing, which helps build effective advertiser-agency relationships.

Bruno Gralpois, Co-founder/Principal at Agency Mania Solutions.
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Author Bruno Gralpios

A Must-Read
for Anyone in Marketing

In Agency Mania, author and partnership guru Bruno Gralpois shines a bright light on the insanity of advertisers and agencies who fail to work together successfully and shows you, step-by-step, how to build a successful long-term advertiser/agency partnership.





"Agency Mania provides important insight into the changing dynamic of the client/agency relationship and the importance for brand leaders to nurture lasting partnerships with their agencies that ultimately deliver outstanding work."

“Through this book, Bruno Gralpois, helps clients navigate the complex matrix of the agency landscape. Agency Mania provides clients with a unique perspective and best practices to nurture healthy and effective partnerships with agencies. We have been able to evolve and establish best in class agency management processes with the resources and partnership provided by the Agency Mania team.”

“Agency Mania brilliantly covers major building blocks of client/agency relationships that are so essential to company’s marketing success as the industry faces greater complexity and a rapidly changing and innovative environment. It is a guide post for marketers and procurement on ways to collaborate with agencies to produce more efficient work to drive high impact business performance.”

“Read Agency Mania and keep it on your bookshelf. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, challenging our traditional ways of creating content. Agency Mania sheds light on how to successfully partner with the multitude of valued, creative resources at your fingertips"

“Bruno takes the mania out of managing your agencies with applicable best practices that will help you get the most out of your agency relationships. With the ever-increasing complexity of marketing, the agency landscape, and millions of spend at stake, it is a must read for marketers, procurement, consultants, and agencies.”

"Bruno Gralpois is a voice of reason amidst a cacophony of doom and gloom. Mr. Gralpois holistic business acumen shines through in his Agency Mania work. Agency Mania's foundation is constructed on the realization marketing is a growth driver that requires consistency, discipline and investment. Agency Mania provides a road map for successful and mutually beneficial marketing partnerships."

"Agency Mania is a must read to better understand how to create mutually beneficially relationships amongst marketing and its agency partners. Intended for both marketing and agency talent designed to equip each with tools and techniques to ensure effective expenditure of organization budgets. Not only a great read, but actionable to start using now."

“Bruno Gralpois explores with remarkable insight how to recast this partnership to work more effectively. Most importantly, he shows how both parties - agencies and clients - can transform their approaches to focus on the things that really matter. In my view, there isn't another book like it on the market today.”

“His face on the cover of the book says it all. We all try to keep up with an industry undergoing the greatest reset in history. Bruno, the increasingly charming industry truth tank - couple’s counsellor extraordinaire brings us his upbeat and very insightful commentary. There is so much talent in all aspects of this industry, experiencing the reset. We need Bruno now more than ever. Bruno is our beacon.”

“Bruno does a masterful job in bringing his wealth of experience in Client/Agency management, combined with the integration of relevant stakeholder perspectives, to bear on an exhaustive and actionable compendium of best practices for the Marketing Services industry.“

"Nearly a decade later, Bruno did it again. Agency Mania provides us clear insight into meaningful ways brands and agencies can produce impactful work when they collaborate effectively. Mutual chemistry and collaboration are paramount. A must read for anyone in marketing.”

“A must read for every agency and brand executives wanting to understand how agencies and clients will (and should) work in the future. The traditional collaboration model with agencies is obsolete. Bruno Gralpois gives us the keys to new, more productive and effective ways to engage with agency partners! “

"Agency Mania remains the industry’s playbook for navigating the matrixed and hyperdynamic world of advertising. Bruno skillfully guides the reader with a baseline of all the relevant industry players, path to optimize win-win outcomes, and tips to manage in this complex environment."

"Bruno’s book is a guiding light that helps maximize the impact of the significant time and money that brands spend with their agency partners. Look no further for a wealth of practical and actionable advice to help you cut through complexity, move beyond the traditional and build ever-smarter approaches to creating powerful content and marketing."

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Global Chief Marketing Officer
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Associate Director, Marketing Operations
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Sal Vitale

Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales Procurement
Mondelēz International
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Jillian Gibbs

Founder and CEO
Advertising Production Resources (APR)
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Jim Wallace

Director Worldwide Agency Strategy & Management
HP Inc.
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Executive Vice President - Agency Management Service
American Assoicaition of Advertising Agencies (4As)
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Colbert Group
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J. Francisco Escoba

JFE International Consultants, Inc.
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Global Chief Marketing Officer, EVP
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Senior Manager
Adobe, Inc.
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Mat Mildenhall

Chief Client Officer
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"The last many years have been transformative for the advertising industry. We have seen media fragmentations, technology hype cycles and an ever-increasign talent shortage in our industry. Many in the business seek more rewarding and productive ways to engage and partner and this book delivers that"

Bruno Gralpois, Author of Agency Mania