KPI Management Software

KPIDeliver™ is a KPI tracker dashboard solution specifically designed to provide team leaders and their staff with a consolidated view tracking all key performance indicators (KPIs) required for the effective reporting and analysis of agency-related activities.

Easily access all your agency KPI metrics in a central dashboard repository.

Better transparency

Improve team access to a single source repository that tracks key agency and supplier metrics.

Increased efficiency

Monitoring and tracking of progress against priority areas and objectives improves analysis and prompts immediate action.

Improved decision-making

All KPIs under a single umbrella improves line of sight and speed of decision-making. No more guesswork or chasing information.

A comprehensive view into the work performance and relationships

Compare and contrast actuals vs. targets/budgets to
monitor projects against stated objectives and course- correct where needed

Improve line of sight and decision-making

Standard, one-click and interactive reports are available for quick analysis in a set of customizable dashboards to enable data-driven decisions.

KPIDeliver™ is part of our Solutions Suite

Gilead Sciences’ integrated suite of tools for partnership excellence

Gilead’s Marketing Operations team and Agency Mania Solutions partnered to build a roadmap toward a robust integrated agency management system that delivers maximum value to the marketing organization.