Procurement & Sourcing

The procurement organization can deliver optimal value when it relies on technology that encourages accountability and tangible performance.

Our tools include features such as benchmarking or negotiation tracking that are implemented to enhance the strategic nature of business partnership and its entire supply chain.

Procurement professionals play a critical role in supporting marketing stakeholders.

Since procurement is no longer about cost but long term value, stakeholders require strong capabilities.

As procurement’s profession evolved over time to deliver greater organizational value that go beyond cost savings or efficiencies, so have tools that support them in delivering on their vision. Procurement teams use our platform to identify new opportunities and tangible results that go beyond traditional savings and KPIs. Our platform is enabling procurement to evolve the narrative and its overall value equation to its sister organization, marketing.

“A+. That’s the only grade I’d give every single person that we interact with from AMS. Such an amazing team.”

Team Member
Global Sourcing Lead
Fortune 100 Pharma Company

Toyota transforms its scope and financial planning and reconciliation process

Agency Mania Solutions’ ScopeDeliver implementation drove the internal buy-in and adoption Toyota needed because of the agile and flexible approach involved in custom development.