Supplier Relationship Management Software

RosterDeliver™ is a flexible supplier relationship management software solution, a sort of user-friendly, online supplier database specifically designed to provide sourcing and marketing professionals detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about advertising/marketing agencies and suppliers in the company’s roster.

Tease out opportunities to maximize your agency investment.

Better transparency

Custom agency dashboard provides a single destination, consolidated view of your company’s roster for easy review and vetting of a well-suited partner.

Improved compliance

Guide to the highest performing partners and increase economies of scale, while reducing/consolidating long-tail suppliers. Search by key attributes (e.g. DE&I) to meet internal targets.

Increased effectiveness

Fast and effective selection of qualified partners with the right skillsets. Structured to enable partners to maintain their profile and clients to provide feedback.

Accurate & up-to-date access to your approved company roster

Easily identify the right partner for any given need with a searchable supplier management tool and comprehensive profiles (e.g. approved capabilities, performance, recent work, key contact info).

Improve decision-making & work alignment

Customized to your unique requirements and structured for expedient information gathering, based on what marketers look for in a given agency. This leads to optimal work alignment and optimized time/resource management.

RosterDeliver™ is part of our Solutions Suite


A consolidated view tracking all key performance indicators.

Large Multinational Advertiser revolutionizes the way marketers source agency partners

Multi-National Advertiser partners with Agency Mania Solutions to deploy RosterDeliver, resulting in increased engagement, spend with preferred partners, and reduction of tail partners.