Senior Leadership

Senior leaders ask marketing/procurement teams to use various types of data when working with agency partners that effectively support their organizational ambitions. For senior leadership, empowering teams with accurate, timely data is essential to their success.

Our platform is designed to best equip leaders and their teams with data that can significantly improve their working relationship with partners.

Senior management needs their organization to rely on reliable, timely data.

Senior management expects to make more informed decisions based on insight, not simply data.

To make the right decisions, leadership knows too well that they need rich, usable insight. Several dashboards, exploratory reports and other business intelligence type metrics improve how decisions are made and how impactful they ultimately are for clients and agencies alike. Our platform is designed to provide top level, actionable reporting to senior decision makers and improve decision making at every point of engagement.

“The tool runs at the very core of the entire process. The more marketers comply, the more data we obtain and as consequence, the more Business Intelligence we build all across. I wouldn’t had imagined to be where we are 2.5 years ago. What you’ve helped build is unprecedented.”

Global Creative & Marketing Procurement
Fortune 100 Pharma Company

Gilead Sciences’ integrated suite of tools for partnership excellence

Gilead’s Marketing Operations team and Agency Mania Solutions partnered to build a roadmap toward a robust integrated agency management system that delivers maximum value to the marketing organization.