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Technology & Telecommunications

Both Tech and Telecomm brands rely on a vast network of agencies to empower the marketing organization to succeed.

We understand the tech/telecomm industry need to support an ongoing evolution of brands, requiring a nimble and agile agency management program that adapts to the complexity and pace of the organization.

The fast-paced nature of the Tech/Telecomm marketplace necessitates custom and agile implementations.

Agency Mania Solutions has developed a unique understanding of the market realities faced by both highly technical and telecommunications brands. By taking into consideration the unique needs and requirements of this marketplace, we are able to leverage best practices that our clients can benefit from.

Open Quote

By partnering with Agency Mania Solutions, we’ve been able to build a robust evaluation process around the
world that encourages a more productive dialog and greater accountability which contributes to better quality work, higher performance and stronger partnerships with our agencies.”

Stori Waugh,
Marketing Director,

Customer Story

Dell Technologies relies on EvaluationDeliver to drive performance assessment excellence.

As the world’s largest privately controlled technology company, Dell leaned on Agency Mania Solutions to fully revamp its end-to-end performance program with agency partners, globally.