Agency Team Briefing Software

BriefDeliver™ is an online agency team briefing software solution designed to improve the speed, consistency, and quality of input and guidance from clients to agencies.

More effective agency team briefing, collaboration and project alignment.

Greater efficiency

Reduced manual entry/review time, less guesswork and streamlined agency engagement (fewer emails).

Accelerated go-to market

Accelerated supplier briefing submissions, updates, and reporting. System triggered alerts/approvals and versioning control for rapid alignment of work.

Better work performance

Enhanced client guidance and direction leads to better insight into expectations and improved agency ability to respond and deliver better work.

Greater alignment leads to better work

An easy-to-access online agency brief library with search features, pre-set templates (creative briefs, media briefs, etc.), and the ability to build new briefs automates manual, labor-intensive tasks and enables consistent client input for the work, resulting in clear expectations.

More timely and complete agency submissions that meet on-strategy marketing objectives

A consistent, systematic workflow of briefing activities (through automation) increases productivity and reduces uncertainties, misalignments, and staffing inefficiencies/excesses that result in wasted efforts, poorer performance, and delayed delivery.

BriefDeliver™ is part of our Solutions Suite


A consolidated view tracking all key performance indicators.

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