Agency Relations/ Management

Often part of the marketing organization, agency relations/management teams take on a major role to drive a stronger, more productive collaboration between marketing and agency teams.

Our platform becomes a key part of how they operationalize best practices and drive consistency.

Agency Relations/Management Teams offer a unique vantage point to foster greater partnerships.

The Agency Relations/Management function is about driving mutual accountability between clients and agencies.

Both agencies and clients share responsibility in being the best possible partner. Yet, demands are so great and resources increasingly limited, leaving little room for improvements in the partnership. Our platform provides an integrated approach to managing partnerships end-to-end, encouraging better sharing, workflows and analysis.

“We just wanted to share how happy we are with our AMS team. We're in the thick of developing our first pilot survey and [everyone on the AMS team] has been an exceptional partner.”

Agency Management
Large Global Brand

CPG Brand deploys scope and financial solution

Multinational Advertiser partners with Agency Mania Solutions to build a consistent and automated scoping and reconciliation processes with agencies across all lines of businesses, globally.