Other Industries

We understand key industries like Retail, Energy, Transportation and Travel, Leisure, Entertainment, Manufacturing and Hospitality, Food and Beverages, and others have unique operating models and requirements. All of which require a nimble and agile agency management program that adapts to the complexity and pace of the organization.


The unique nature of these industries necessitates custom and agile implementations

Agency Mania Solutions has developed a unique understanding of the market realities faced by companies across a wide spectrum of industries from Retail to the Manufacturing sector (and everything in between). By taking into consideration the unique needs and requirements of these marketplaces, we are able to leverage best practices that our clients can benefit from.

“I must take the time to recognize the OUTSTANDING work you are doing with our evaluations. The level of support, responsiveness and thoroughness is best in class, really.”

Global Marketing Procurement
Fortune 100 Company

Gilead Sciences’ integrated suite of tools for partnership excellence

Gilead’s Marketing Operations team and Agency Mania Solutions partnered to build a roadmap toward a robust integrated agency management system that delivers maximum value to the marketing organization.