Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPG brands face unique challenges to drive visibility and alignment to teams across a wide diversity of product lines.

We know how to drive standardized processes and streamlined operations while adopting the nuances that exist among various lines of business, markets, brands, and product categories.

The evolving nature of the CPG marketplace necessitates custom and agile implementations.

Agency Mania Solutions has developed a unique understanding of the market realities faced by consumer packaged goods companies. By taking into consideration the unique needs and requirements of this marketplace, we are able to leverage best practices that our clients can benefit from.

“Agency Mania Solutions revamped the end-to-end process, using its ScopeDeliver™ cloud-based solution, to bring much greater focus on deliverables and staffing details.”

Global Sourcing
Mondelēz International

CPG Brand deploys scope and financial solution.

Multinational Advertiser partners with Agency Mania Solutions to build a consistent and automated scoping and reconciliation processes with agencies across all lines of businesses, globally.