Marketing Technology Awards

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The full review of finalists and winners from this year’s Marketing Technology Awards is now available here. The report includes a brief overview of each company, as well as some context around why the voters and judges chose each winner. Bruno Gralpois included on the judging panel.

It also includes more information about the event and some lovely photos from the night.

A brief refresher on why we have these awards

It used to be that strategy, skill, and creativity was the bulk of marketing success. Now, technology lies at the core. Companies not investing in the right technologies or investing in the wrong ones struggle to keep up with rising customer expectations.

Gartner estimated that in 2019, marketers spend 29% of their marketing budget (up from 22% in 2017) on martech. Staff, on the other hand, accounted for 24% (down from 27% in 2017) of budget.

Marketing departments now spend more on technology than on people.

And choosing the right technology from the increasingly expanding landscape (7,040+ as of April 2019) has become a massive decision.

Thus, we’ve created these awards in order to shine some daylight on the murky waters of martech, to celebrate these technologies, the use of them in the “real world,” and the people that make it all happen.

Overview of the awards

The awards have three overarching categories, technologies, use of technologies, and people. The awards are free to enter, and open to anyone for voting (with the exception that you cannot vote for your own company).

The “Technology Categories” were 50% scored/voted for by our readers and their customers and 50% scored/voted for by our expert judging panel. The “Use of Technologies” and “People” categories were 100% voted for by our judges.






By: Kimberly Collins, Managing Editor | March 19, 2019