EvaluationDeliver™ Participation Tool

Request a feature highlight of the  module inside agency performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, that provides a more streamlined and simplified process to manage and update participation lists:

Anyone who has ever set up and run a survey process like client/agency evaluations appreciates the inherent complexities and challenges associated with building and maintaining/updating a list of participants. The list can get quite long, and it’s often outdated shortly after the initial setup, as individuals come and go from the team. The list of participants must be mapped carefully to those who are actively engaged in the business and who can provide valuable feedback.

To help manage these challenges, we built Participation Tool as part of our managed agency evaluation service platform, EvaluationDeliver™. It is also available through our self-service solution, PerformanceDeliver™.

What It Solves:

The daunting process of managing and updating survey participant lists ends up consuming time that could instead be repurposed to more strategic tasks like insight analysis, action planning, or progress tracking.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1. Business Context: Participation List
  2. Tool Overview
  3. Illustrative Views
  4. How Clients Benefit

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