How eTraining Programs Contribute to More Efficient Agency Onboarding and Productivity Gains, While Fostering Better Client Skills

Building Stronger Partnerships with eTraining: The COVID-19 pandemic made us revisit how we do business, including how to work from home and operate our daily work lives without the benefit of in-person interactions. Yet, leveraging interactive technology as an alternative means of communication isn’t new to the personal development and training world. Location-based training events, […]

Gilead Science’s Integrated Platform

An integrated mix of agency management tools enables Gilead Sciences to improve agency insights, action plans, work output, relationships and more streamlined, efficient use of resources.

How to Keep Employees at the Top of Their Game

      Four ways the marketing industry can overcome its growing talent shortage.  Download a print-friendly version here By: Bruno Gralpois, Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator If marketing had a TV show like NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” what would it look like? In lieu of singers, entertainers, dancers, magicians, and comedians, we would […]

Will You Conduct an Agency Review this Year?

Download a print-friendly version here Industry data confirms a significant increase in roster changes and competitive reviews. Is the trend likely to continue in the years ahead? What are the implications for brand advertisers and their agencies? A recent article by the Wall Street Journal quoted data from research firm Advertiser Perceptions that 58% of […]

How to Handle the Heat of Agency Transitions

— Read the published article on ANA — — Read the published article on Adforum — How to conduct an effective, smooth and expedient agency transition…without getting burned in the process. Last year was terribly “hot” in advertising, and if you are wondering, I am not referring to global warming or the steamy agency work […]