Why Fixing the Agency Relationship is Worth It

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Brand reap great value in fixing the agency relationship before replacing.

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Breakups happen, especially between clients and their agencies. But what is most shocking is that nearly one third of agency-client relationships last less than three years, according to data that I have gathered over the last four years.

To that list, we can add eBay. The online ecommerce giant tossed Publicis Media’s Blue449 after just three years. Pinterest also recently announced that Mediahub would be its new media agency of record to replace Giant Spoon, which was just hired in 2017.

When advertisers decide to abandon a relationship, it’s assumed to be broken beyond repair. The effort required and the risk of staying in the relationship seem to outweigh the chances and benefits of fixing it. However, repairing relationships sometimes makes far more business sense since brands could actually save money by putting in the effort to fix a crumbling agency relationship instead of giving up.

Unless they know “why” something is broken, replacing it won’t keep it from breaking again. There is no learning opportunity when simply replacing something that is broken. The reason something breaks may not always be about the agency. In fact, the company might be the reason it broke in the first place. When brands analyze the root cause of an issue, they can expose weaknesses within the organization and course correct.