Agency Mania Solutions Leads ANA Workshop on Effective Agency Management

Bruno Gralpois explores what it takes to build strong agency relationships that inspire quality work outcomes.

Under constant pressure, brand advertisers (the clients) want more, better, cheaper, faster work from their agencies. In return, agencies want clients who know how to enable them to do their best work, compensate them fairly and collaborate efficiently. Yet, getting there proves to be increasingly difficult for brand advertisers and agencies alike. Attended by some of the top advertisers in the world, this interactive workshop will explore why some relationships thrive while others fail, how to motivate your agency partner and key ingredients of a successful, lasting relationship among other topics.

“Brand advertisers and their agencies simply deserve better ways to collaborate and successfully partner. For marketers and procurement professionals, working effectively with your agency is an important muscle to have. It can directly impact the quality and effectiveness of the work your agency produces,” said Gralpois. “I’m excited to give today’s savvy marketers and top procurement leaders with tangible tools, best practices and fresh approaches for inspiring the best work from their agency partners.”

WHAT: ANA Effective Agency Management Workshop

WHEN: Sep. 26, 2019

WHERE: San Francisco

WHO: Bruno Gralpois, principal and co-founder at Agency Mania Solutions: Bruno Gralpois has been instrumental in establishing Agency Management as a central global discipline for many of the top 200 advertisers. His commitment to successful client/agency partnerships led Gralpois to co-found Agency Mania Solutions and serve as principal. Before that, he held leadership positions at industry-leading companies, including Microsoft and Visa, as well as various pre-IPO software companies. Gralpois is an active member of the ANA Faculty of Marketing, which helps build effective advertiser-agency relationships.

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About Agency Mania Solutions

Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) is a Seattle-based company with a SaaS platform and professional services that help global brands manage agency relationships and unlock their true potential. AMS is dedicated to helping brand advertisers navigate change and drive better business outcomes. The pressure of constant change on global brands – a proliferation of channels, digitalization of every facet of marketing, investor expectations and constrained budgets – makes it an absolute requirement for brands and agencies to produce more effective outcomes. AMS empowers them to get there.