Agency Mania Solutions Partners with Comvergence to Share Marketing Industry Insight

Agency Mania Solutions partners with COMvergence to share marketing industry insight

Partnership gives Agency Mania Solutions clients access to powerful guidance, information on industry trends

SEATTLE – Jan. 16, 2017 – Agency Mania Solutions today announced a partnership with independent marketing research firm COMvergence to improve the sharing of marketing and communications industry research and guidance.

The partnership gives Agency Mania Solutions clients access to regularly published industry reports and analysis about critical mergers and acquisitions, marketing industry trends, new client wins and losses, key talent changes and more.

“We are proud to partner with COMvergence to help our clients keep up with changes in the advertising and creative industries,” said Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions co-founder and Advertising Love Doctor. “Change happens at such a rapid rate among brands and their agencies and understanding that impact with COMvergence helps us communicate effectively to our clients how to best position themselves to benefit from these trends.”

COMvergence leverages myriad data sources to keep stakeholders in the know, including media articles, independent third-party research, in-person meetings with subject matter experts, financial reports and more.

Agency Mania Solutions will provide COMvergence with continued insights on ever-changing brand and agency associations, leveraging its rapidly growing set of relationships with top brand advertisers.

“Agency Mania Solutions is an invaluable resource to those analyzing our industry,” said COMvergence founder Olivier Gauthier. “We are excited to have this team of experts in our network as we track this dynamic and highly-competitive marketplace. The team at Agency Mania Solutions provides a unique vantage point and valuable insight into the needs and challenges faced by top advertisers and their use of marketing communication companies.”

Agency Mania Solutions references COMvergence’s research data in its monthly Industry Updates distributed to a large group of advertising executives and agency CMOs, and procurement professionals among Fortune 500 companies. Follow Agency Mania Solutions and Bruno Gralpois on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Agency Mania Solutions
Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) is a Seattle-based company with a SaaS platform and professional services that help global brands manage agency relationships and unlock their true potential. AMS is dedicated to helping brand advertisers navigate change and drive better business outcomes. The pressure of constant change on global brands – a proliferation of channels, digitalization of every facet of marketing, investor expectations and constrained budgets – makes it an absolute requirement for brands and agencies to produce more effective outcomes. AMS empowers them to get there. For more information, visit

About COMvergence
COMvergence is a Paris-based independent research firm and the only independent international bureau monitoring the global marketing services groups and the fast-evolving competitive marketplace. Through a quarterly report, COMvergence provides a new reference benchmark for the international holding groups and advertisers, on the basis of quantitative and qualitative measurement metrics. COMvergence provides high-quality reference data, guidance and support to senior marketers and leaders from the MarCom industry – off the back of the solid business relationships it has built over the past 15 years. For more information, visit