Agency Mania Solutions Presents at World Federation of Advertisers Sourcing Forum

Agency Mania Solutions Presents at World Federation of Advertisers Sourcing Forum

Co-Founder Bruno Gralpois to speak on the future of agency management and relationships

SEATTLE – March 28, 2018 – Agency Mania Solutions’ Co-Founder Bruno Gralpois will present as a guest speaker at the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Sourcing Forum March 28 in New York. After years on both sides of the advertising client and agency partnership, Bruno co-launched Agency Mania Solutions, an agency management SaaS platform and professional services firm, to help brands produce more efficient outcomes by managing the dynamics of the client and agency relationship.

WFA helps senior marketing procurement specialists optimize and collaborate on their business, through forums, webinars, online tools and benchmarking services.

“These forums are the perfect opportunity to collaborate and learn from our peers,” said Gralpois. “With 2018 poised to be another disruptive year in advertising, ensuring higher performance and greater accountability between brands and their agencies will contribute to higher performance and quality work.”

WHAT: “Using Software Solutions To Evolve Your Agency Partnerships.”

In this session, Gralpois will share his 2018 predications on the evolution of relationships between brands and agencies. Gralpois will discuss the potential challenges that may arise due to trends shaping the industry including the talent shortage and agency turnover, increase in project-based relationships, the impact of AdTech and MarTech on decision making, among others. Gralpois will offer attendees tips on how to build and maintain stronger partnerships and highlight client case studies using Agency Mania Solutions’ technology.

WHEN: Thursday, March 28, 2018, at 11 a.m. ET

WHERE: World Federation of Advertisers Sourcing Forum, New York

WHO: Gralpois has been instrumental in establishing agency management as a central global discipline for many of the top 200 advertisers, utilizing strategies for ensuring efficient collaboration and driving high-impact results for advertisers and their agency partners. This dedication to improving advertiser-agency relationships has earned him the moniker: The Advertising Love Doctor. He encourages advertisers to focus less on managing their agencies, and more on working in tandem to build brands – and businesses – backed by a strong and trusting partnership, as described in his best-selling book, “Agency Mania: Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relationships for High-Impact Results”

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