Agency Mania Solutions Unveils Analytical Services for Deep Measurement of Agency Performance, ROI, and Budgeting

Agency Mania Solutions unveils Analytics Services for Deep Measurement of Agency Performance, ROI, and Budgeting

Data collected and leveraged from ScopeDeliverTM enables more effective client/agency relationships

SEATTLE – December 7, 2018 Agency Mania Solutions today announced availability of its new data analytical service capability that enables brand advertisers to more deeply measure agency performance, ROI and budgeting. The data analytical services are fully integrated with the Agency Mania ScopeDeliver™ solution, enabling a deeper understanding of agency performance, by pairing in-the-moment project feedback with more traditional relationship-focused annual evaluations.

“We are excited to introduce this new data analytical service capability and help advertisers make the most of their valuable agency investments and facilitate informed decision-making,” said Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions co-founder and principal. “Brand advertisers are now equipped with informative data that gives insight into work quality, transparency, accountability, performance and negotiations, while making more effective use of agency resources and budgets.”

Brands must perform to compete and survive.

New data analytical service capability is ideal for brand advertisers looking to:

  • Measure value, ROI, and effectiveness of their scope of work tool investment, process improvements, or other efficiency initiatives
  • Gain greater insight from agency cost benchmarking data and improve agency negotiations
  • Better understand whether they are making the most of their investments and improve budgeting accuracy
  • Consider moving from a staffing-based (retainer) model to deliverables-based/hybrid model
  • Seek analysis support and additional reporting capabilities to aid in answering questions and decision-making
  • Correct or standardize data fields such as hourly rates, deliverable fees or missing information

The data analytical services are embedded in ScopeDeliver, an integrated scope of work and staff planning solution designed to support annual planning of deliverables and the agency resources required to successfully execute.

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