Agency Mania Solutions Unveils New ProductionDeliver™ Solution

A fully customizable and streamlined production/expense management solution to optimize workflow efficiencies.

BELLEVUE – OCTOBER 5, 2023 Today, Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) announced the addition of ProductionDeliver to its existing suite of SaaS-based agency management solutions. This innovative, fully customizable, and streamlined production/expense management solution is set to redefine workflow efficiencies for Fortune 100 companies and large advertisers. ProductionDeliver addresses the growing need for brands to manage their production investments strategically and efficiently. By automating key processes and providing a centralized hub for all production-related activities, ProductionDeliver offers a comprehensive solution for managing end-to-end production expenses.

“Brand advertisers are exploring innovative ways to manage their production investment more strategically while implementing stronger, automated ways to operationalize the entire ad production and expense management process.” said Bruno Gralpois, Co-Founder and Principal at Agency Mania Solutions. “Our continued leadership momentum in helping brands manage their annual scope of work and related agency resources was a natural launching pad to expand our success into the ad production space as well. Our clients are asking to see and handle all their investment in one place. We delivered.”

ProductionDeliver provides the tools for brands and their production teams/vendors to:

  • Automate bid approvals with streamlined decision-making processes, saving valuable time and effort for internal teams/production vendors. Offering the flexibility of manual overrides when necessary.
  • Easily check project status, accelerating the review and approval process.
  • Create efficient spend management practices. Users benefit from cost-savings through benchmarking and bid-to-bid comparison.
  • Interact with a centralized hub for all production-related activities, complete with documentation and an audit trail of changes made/approved.
  • Seamlessly integrate ProductionDeliver with AMS’ ScopeDeliver solution, providing a holistic view of all agency expenditures in one place.
  • Tailor this customizable solution to meet specific company requirements, taxonomy, and ways of working, ensuring higher tool adoption, internal buy-in, and user satisfaction.


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