Creative feedback checklist for marketers

Request a checklist to help you provide high-quality feedback:

The ability to conduct effective, creative reviews and provide feedback to the agency about its work is a critical skill set every marketer/client must acquire and master.  By using our checklist, as excerpted from The Creative Feedback Playbook by Bruno Gralpois, you’ll be prepared to complete a successful agency review.

ANA members can download the entire Creative Feedback Playbook here.  This playbook takes marketers through the SPEED process of providing creative feedback that leads to better work. 

Contents We Dive Into:

  1.  Be well prepared
  2.  Be attentive and engaged throughout
  3.  Be truthful and respectful at all times
  4.  Share positive feedback (encouragement)
  5.  Share negative feedback (concerns)
  6.  Ask clarifying questions
  7.   Be useful, honest, and constructive
  8.   Be short and concise in your feedback
  9.  Combine both heart and brain when reviewing work
  10.  Be thoughtful and patient before speaking
  11.  Invite suggestions or ideas

To request the checklist, please contact [email protected]