How to be the best client possible to your agency partner (Checklist)

Request a checklist to assist you in being a top-notch client to your agency:

By using our checklist, clients will learn to be the most effective in the way they engage and collaborate with agency partners.  Are you the type of client that your agency wants to retain and grow?  Does your agency want to produce their best work for you?   Use our checklist to learn to be the best client possible.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1. Give enough time and resources
  2. Are respectful and collaborative
  3. Provide clear direction
  4. Are risk takers
  5. Are demanding of others and themselves
  6. provide constructive feedback
  7. Communicate proactively
  8. Inspire others
  9. Champion ideas and are accountable
  10. Take personal responsibility
  11. Are appreciative and supportive

To request the checklist, please contact [email protected]