Employee Spotlight (Sharon Evans)

Sharon Evans, Director of eLearning:

At AMS, our company culture is fueled by the passion and dedication of our employees. Our collective staff have a unique blend of experience from the client and agency side, and our software is powered by highly-innovative and leading talent from Seattle, one of the top-ranked tech cities in the country, and home to Amazon. We think differently, move fast and are customer-centric, developing custom, data-driven solutions that bring our client’s concepts and unique requirements to life. In truth, our largest investment will always be in our people – without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why we’ve chosen to spotlight someone from our family – Sharon Evans – who leads the training development arm of our business.

Tell me what do you do at our company?

I lead a team of learning professionals with a passion for creating engaging training solutions (we refer to it as TrainingDeliverTM). We turn our decades of experience into programs that train internal market teams as well as external agencies. The programs help with all aspects of a marketer’s wide-ranging responsibilities, not just with improving agency engagement. We love our work and are always striving for better solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

What has been your favorite project so far?

Each project we work on is a labor of love, so it’s hard to pick just one.

What feedback have you received from customers regarding TrainingDeliver?

As the training industry evolves, we continue to improve our offering to keep up with industry standards and our clients have noticed. One client, after returning from a recent industry conference, noted that the training we created for them was already exceeding best practices that they were just learning about at the event.

What makes you inspired to wake up every day and lead this arm of the business?

I work with an amazing team of supporting, smart, and inspiring people. We’re incredibly proud of the work we produce and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

What have you always wanted to try, but never did?


You’re happiest when?

I’m at the beach with my daughter and our Labrador Retriever, Ruben.

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By: Keshia Scarpello, Director of Customer Success

Published on: September 4th, 2019