Guide: Secure Funding

Request a guide on how to successfully secure funding for your agency management software solutions:

Software solutions dedicated to better managing agency activities are increasingly common as brand advertisers look for more systematic and automated ways to enable and foster these important partnerships, anywhere from roster, scope, briefing, and training to performance management. Although where the responsibilities lie varies widely within a given client organization (Marketing Ops, Procurement, or Agency Relations), the need to secure support and funding for these types of solutions remains universal.

As such, we’ve identified common best practices on how to manage this process successfully, as highlighted in this guide:

Contents We Dive Into:

  • Defining needs
  • Articulating benefits
  • Getting buy-in
  • Justifying ROI
  • Addressing common objections
  • Implementing for success
  • Accessing other relevant whitepapers from AMS
  • Contact Information

To request the guide, please contact [email protected]