Industry Update Volume 48

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap

“Mask up, people!” The COVID-19 phenomenon not only altered our perspective, our way of working, how we attend events, and how we buy or consume content, for many companies it also accelerated their digital transformation in massive ways. It also impacted how we collaborate, how we create content, how we make decisions, and how we conduct agency reviews. The low representation of Black people in the advertising world opened our eyes to another great deficit in our culture: inclusion. We can no longer be silent about this topic—or inactive. The energy beyond the agenda of diversity is being felt throughout the advertising industry. We are already changing for the better. Agencies, once again, are tremendous forces and catalysts in this fight. But so are brands that truly care about the inclusion agenda and want to see positive change. Together, brands and agencies are joining forces to create a new kind of industry. One that we can proudly say we are part of.
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Newsworthy reports and recent developments

At AMS, we approach the agency management discipline as four distinct but complementary practice areas – Talent, Work, Financials and Performance/Value – which is how we categorize the developments to follow.

Table of Contents:

Talent … page 1

NEW Company profiles … page 4
NEW Open positions that got our attention … page 4
Work … page 5

Financials … page 7

Performance and Value … page 8

Agency Reviews and Roster Changes … page 12
Disclaimer: The AMS Monthly Industry Update is a summary and analysis of newsworthy agency/client developments picked up in recent trade-related publications and news media.
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July 23, 2020