Performance action planning

Request a white paper on how to turn client/agency performance evaluation results into actionable insight and improvements:

Client/agency performance evaluation programs have been in existence for a while. Brand advertisers and agencies understand the value of providing and receiving timely input about the health of their relationship, so the work continuously improves and the relationship thrives. They realize that this is a win-win situation when they make these evaluations a priority.

To make that possible, many advertisers have set up a robust management process in order to conduct comprehensive 360-degree evaluations on a regular schedule. The client’s efforts are often focused on the administrative process of getting surveys launched and the data collected. Yet, we instinctively know that data is only as good as the insight generated and what is done with it. The most impactful part of this evaluation process remains its tail end: when advertisers and agencies review the results, have a productive dialog about what those results mean, and action plans are agreed upon and implemented. It’s the follow through that ultimately leads to tangible, measurable partnership improvements.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1.  Extracting key themes (strengths and opportunities)
  2.  Identifying top improvement areas
  3.  Developing the right action plan
  4.  Getting alignment
  5.  Monitoring and Measuring
  6.  Celebration Success
  7.  Resetting targets

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