Why CMO’s Care About Agency Management

Our visual: shows how the CMO responsibilities are enabled by agency management competencies and toolset.

How marketing leaders must built the right Agency Management competencies to enable their organization to do more.
















It’s no surprise that CMOs are then turning to their team and agency partners to bring their marketing vision to life and support their expansive responsibilities with the resources available. The effective set up and use of these agency partnerships requires strong management competencies. For example, the above responsibilities require better agency planning and guidance, so expectations between clients and agencies are aligned.

They require improved output quality to improve work performance. They require clients to be agency-ready and agencies to be client-ready, driving mutual accountability. They require more effective use of their limited internal and external resources. They require reduced budget waste and improved operational efficiencies. They require internal and external resources to work together well and collaborate.

The vast nature of these requirements can be a daunting task for any organization to take on. Traditional ways of working with clients and agencies have been overly manual and time consuming. Brand advertisers must increasingly rely on new tool-sets and capabilities, reducing labor-intensive and/or low-value tasks and focusing instead on better ways to extract value and ROI.

Includes four tips on how to build this agency management muscle internally and get most value from it:

  1. Elevate Agency Management to a strategic function
    within marketing.
  2. Provide adequate authority, funding and resources.
  3. Act rapidly upon early signs of trouble.
  4. Insist on using data to inform any agency-related