Agency Mania Solutions Unveils New ContractDeliver™ Solution

A flexible, one-stop, online contract database specifically designed to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about licensing agreements and contracts from advertising and marketing agencies.

SEATTLE – MARCH 24, 2021 Agency Mania Solutions today announced the addition of ContractDeliver to its existing suite of SaaS-based agency management solutions. ContractDeliver is a self-service customized solution that provides marketing and procurement teams with easy, detailed and up-to-date information about contracts from advertising and marketing agencies as well as licensed assets, relevant suppliers and third-party resources, such as celebrities and influencers which they must often rely on.

“We developed ContractDeliver to help internal teams more easily search and find actionable information about contracts and various licensing agreements – an often daunting task faced by marketing and procurement professionals today and their agency partners,” said Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions Co-Founder and Principal. “Marketing and sourcing functions move at the speed of light these days. They need a single destination containing the most current contracts and all relevant details about those to get work done, which is essential to drive effective and timely access/use of critical information and compliance. It nicely complements our existing suite of solutions to improve the management of valuable agency resources.”

Substantial difficulties exist for marketing teams to maintain, review, and access the most up-to-date contracts they have for suppliers and third-party resources. That’s why it’s crucial to provide teams with simplified and streamlined access to look up detailed information of a company’s contracts and licensing agreements in a timely manner. ContractDeliver increases transparency of crucial contractual components for marketing and procurement teams (i.e. commercial/business/legal terms, contract value, payment terms, addendums, expiration dates, etc.).

ContractDeliver allows marketing and procurement teams (and designated partners) to:

  • Data import from existing sources and validated/augmented by users
  • Google-like search for agreements based on any attribute (asset/agreement type, status, start/end date, contact, keyword, etc.)
  • Workflow for drafting, reviewing and approving new agreements
  • Convenient file repository feature
  • Notifications to track key information about the agreement (upon publishing, expiration, revisions, etc.)
  • Data export functionality for additional reporting

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