SAP Ariba vs. Agency Mania Solutions




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SAP Ariba is one of the leading supplier relationship management (SRM) platforms, so naturally brand advertisers often wonder how Agency Mania Solutions’ platform, especially a scope of work (SOW) tool like ScopeDeliver™, compares with it. They may ask themselves the following sound questions:

  • “Why, if we already have deployed SAP Ariba, do we need ScopeDeliver?”
  • “Are these tools overlapping in functionality?”
  • “Should we consider SAP Ariba and AMS’s ScopeDeliver redundant or complementary?”

In this white paper, we will demonstrate that ScopeDeliver is a specialized solution set that nicely complements SAP Ariba and provides brand advertisers with a comprehensive set of SRM capabilities that address “high-touch” suppliers like advertising and marketing service providers and agencies.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1.  About SAP Ariba
  2. Where SAP Ariba fits best
  3. Where AMS tools fit best
  4. Are they friends or foes?
  5. Complementary Tools

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