ScopeDeliver™ SOW Survey Add-On

Request a feature highlight of the SOW Survey Add-On within scoping solution ScopeDeliver™ that offers agile, real-time feedback to be collected and reported on, structured as shorter, more frequent, pulse-like surveys:

In a typical agency/client workflow, Scope of Work (SOW) requirements are defined, agency resources are secured, and budgets are aligned. Then throughout the year, the ScopeDeliver platform updates and captures scope progress/changes. As this process culminates, agencies report actual resources used against the projected plan, and projects are earmarked as complete in ScopeDeliver. While a review of the tracked process is available, SOW Survey Add-On can provide insights in real time so important course corrections can be made.

What It Solves:

The SOW Survey Add-On module is an agile, easy-to-use feature that supports the assessment of agency performance of a project/scope of work based on preset criteria at the project’s conclusion or throughout the project.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1. Business Context
  2. Tool Overview
  3. Illustrative Views
  4. How Clients Benefit


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