EvaluationDeliver™ Action Planning

Request more information on the Action Planning module within our agency performance solution, EvaluationDeliver™, which facilitates sustained accountability and enhances the predictability and transparency of action plan execution:

Performance evaluations have become a necessity for advertisers to continuously improve and strengthen agency relationships and the work produced by these vital partners. Once opportunities for improvement have been identified, both parties must agree to a set of actions that will address these findings and hopefully help them build a stronger, healthier, and more productive work relationship.
Yet, experience shows that this client/agency performance data is only as good as the action plans it generates and the accountability by individual owners or teams to see them through. This module within our EvaluationDeliver™ solution allows clients to support the end process of aligning the necessary action plans to address performance issues and improvement opportunities. It also provides a structured workflow process and communication platform to continuously monitor successful execution.

What It Solves:

Simplifies and streamlines the time-consuming and messy process of having marketers and agencies document delivery against their respective commitments to each other as identified in a performance review.

Contents We Dive Into:

  1. Business Context
  2. Module Overview
  3. Illustrative Views
  4. How Clients Benefit

Agency Mania Solutions Optional Module Add on Action Planning

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