System Integration

Request a white paper on how we integrate our solutions with internal or third-party systems:

The concept of connecting applications for more effective data sharing has grown in popularity. Data is effective only when it is shared in a timely manner with other systems that can benefit from it. Most of the organizations we work with at Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) have invested in internal tools or third-party systems that fulfill important functions for their organization. These systems carry out tasks and activities, relying on data that they can either consume from one of our solutions or that they can publish to ours. Agency management tools often create a fair amount of actionable data – either internally or from agency partners – that can be used across the enterprise.

Contents We Dive Into:

  • Common examples (and types) of system integration
  • Different levels of integration and our experience
  • The potential roadblocks one must consider
  • What to consider before integrating systems

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