Unlearning common misconceptions about agencies

Featured on Marketing Dive: Marketers have been conditioned to accept some ideas that eventually threw us off balance. Ultimately, these false ideas get in the way of effective partnerships. — Read the published Marketing Dive article — The following is a guest post by Bruno Gralpois, co-founder and principal of Agency Mania Solutions. Opinions are the […]

ScopeDeliver™ Progress Tracking

Request a feature highlight of the module inside scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, that allows clients to continuously monitor and review the status of their SOW so they manage resources more effectively and ensure they stay on track to deliver against their objectives: Scope management is essentially centered on two concepts: planning and managing. Once scopes have […]

ScopeDeliver™ Scope Swapping

Request a feature highlight of the module inside agency scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, that allows clients to continually adjust and refine their SOW and list of deliverables or projects based on an agreed-upon set budget: Once scopes are finalized along with agency retainers or project fees, the planning process ends and the work begins. Inevitably, over […]

ScopeDeliver™ Negotiation Tracker

Request a feature highlight of the module inside ScopeDeliver™ to improve the negotiation process with agencies: The process of getting alignment on scope of work expectations and agency financials is a common planning activity for brand advertisers. Once the client has articulated the scope requirements, the agency submits their proposal based on the agreed-upon compensation […]

SAP Ariba vs. Agency Mania Solutions

      Request a white paper on how SAP Ariba compares to Agency Mania Solutions’ Platform. SAP Ariba is one of the leading supplier relationship management (SRM) platforms, so naturally brand advertisers often wonder how Agency Mania Solutions’ platform, especially a scope of work (SOW) tool like ScopeDeliver™, compares with it. They may ask […]


Featured on ANA Marketing Maestros — Read the published ANA article — The threat of corporate restructuring, zero-based budgeting, and other cost-cutting initiatives can keep CMOs up at night. With the constant pressure to reduce marketing budgets, cutting agency fees is without a doubt very tempting. However, asking agencies to cut their fees without careful […]