2022 Year in Review of Client/Agency Industry Updates

Looking back at 2022: Trends, news, and future thinking— and how they will impact 2023. Newsworthy Reports and Recent Developments At AMS, we approach the agency management discipline as four distinct but complementary practice areas – Talent, Work and Performance, Financials, and Agency Reviews and Roster Changes – which is how we categorize the following developments. […]

Riding a Bicycle Backwards

Marketers have been conditioned to accept some ideas that eventually threw us off balance. Ultimately, these false ideas get in the way of effective partnerships. As a former competitive cyclist, I understand the value of balance, especially at high speed and within a large group of riders. Balance, as with riding a bicycle, is something […]

How advertisers can give their agencies actionable feedback

Ageless principles advertisers should follow to give agencies productive performance feedback and drive meaningful improvements. The value of annual or semi-annual performance reviews is now universally understood. They are opportunities for the client and agency teams to provide useful feedback to improve the work relationship and the overall partnership. Few, if any, would risk bypassing […]

EvaluationDeliver™ capabilities explained

EvaluationDeliver™ is a comprehensive client/agency performance evaluation solution designed to improve and strengthen the work relationship with agency partners. Offered as a self-serve tool or managed service. Learn more at http://agencymania.com/solutions/evaluationdeliver/

2022 Top agencies in the world by revenue

Our visual: captures the largest global agencies based on 2021 revenue/agency changes. We break down the notable agencies (and networks) for the top 6 and list out the top 15 agencies’ revenue, change year-over-year and key information (HQ, worldwide scope, size, etc.). Download a print-friendly version here  

5 Reasons clients can inadvertently set their agencies up for failure

Featured on Producers & Procurers iQ: When clients take responsibility for setting agencies up for success, they see lower fail rates and stronger performance. — Read the published Producers & Procurers iQ  article — The chicken or the egg causality dilemma has been around for ages. It dates to Aristotle in the 4th century BCE […]


When clients take responsibility for setting agencies up for success, they see lower fail rates and stronger performance. — Read our article posted on ANA — — Read our article posted on LBBonline — — Read our article posted on 4As — — Read our article posted on Producers & Procurers iQ — — Read […]


Featured on MarTech Podcast Listen to Benjamin Shapiro’s interview with guest Bruno Gralpois, Co-Founder and Principal of Agency Mania Solutions, where he discusses the best way to evaluate and manage your existing agency relationships, along with the frequency at which an evaluation should occur.  You’ll learn the three vital aspects to agency performance, and how […]