How will technology transform the fragile client-agency ecosystem

Featured on ClickZ: What radical changes should advertisers expect in a post-COVID world that is technology-led and rapidly changing? And how should they best prepare themselves to take on these new opportunities? — Read the published ClickZ article — 30-second summary: The client/agency ecosystem is profoundly being reshaped, effectively fueled by new technological advances across […]

Partnering for success

Our visual: showcases the 10 essential ingredients to PARTNERING for success. We breakdown what we’ve learned over decades about top-performing partnerships and how to achieve long-term success. Download a print-friendly version here Find the accompanying article here

Best Practices in Agency Management

Our visual: outlines the key agency relations/management responsibilities,  and success ingredients to drive operational excellence. We break down: The roles (strategy/governance, partnership management, engagement/delivery, and measurement/optimization), Primary focus areas (talent, relationship, work/outcomes and performance). And recipe to effectively establish this critical function.        To request a complimentary electronic copy of any above visuals, […]

CMO’s 8 Priorities Come 2020

Featured on ANA Marketing Maestros — Read the published ANA article — It’s never too soon to plan for the future. The year 2020 is glowing on the horizon, fueled by opportunities, innovation, transformative forces, and yes, the fear of the unknown. The conversation around what 2020 will bring for the marketing industry often spans […]

Use the Value Index to Show ROI. Client/Agency Relationships Need More Transparency and Accountability

Featured on The Drum — Read The Drum’s published article — The marketing industry is buzzing from Samsung Electronics Co.’s recent marketing operation layoffs and speculated connection to the abrupt departure of its CMO, Marc Mathieu. Information shared in The Wall Street Journal indicate the company conducted an internal investigation of the dealings between marketing staff and […]

What to Expect in Agency Financial Management in 2019

What to Expect in Agency Financial Management This Year: The advertising industry has always been a resourceful community where its many participants share best practices and openly discuss challenges that get in the way of prosperity and effective collaboration. I’ve been privileged to attend many events over the years while on the client side, and […]

Agency Mania Solutions Presents with Gilead Sciences and HP Inc. at ANA Advertising Financial Management Committee West Coast Chapter Meeting

Agency Mania Solutions Presents with Gilead Sciences and HP Inc. at ANA Advertising Financial Management Committee West Coast Chapter Meeting Bruno Gralpois and Gilead Sciences’ Keecia Scott share marketing operations tactics and a new approach to partnership excellence SEATTLE (PRWEB) JANUARY 23, 2019 Agency Mania Solutions’ Co-Founder, Bruno Gralpois, and Gilead Sciences’ Senior Director of Marketing Operations, […]

Effective Agency Management

Featured on the ANA: — Read the published ANA article — No matter what kind of marketer you are, you’ll spend years acquiring essential skills to master your craft. One of the most critical skills is often the least: how to work effectively with your agency partners. This is an important muscle for any marketer […]