2022 Top agencies in the world by revenue

Our visual: captures the largest global agencies based on 2021 revenue/agency changes. We break down the notable agencies (and networks) for the top 6 and list out the top 15 agencies’ revenue, change year-over-year and key information (HQ, worldwide scope, size, etc.). Download a print-friendly version here  

Partnership in 2021 – An Inconvenient Truth

Raising awareness of the increased tension in client/agency relationships amid COVID – The case for why 2021 will be the year of renewed partnerships: — Read the published article on 4A’s — The 2006 Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” featuring former United States Vice President Al Gore reenergized the environmental movement after making a dire […]

Five Inconvenient Truths About Client-Agency Partnerships in 2021 and How to Fix Them

Featured on WARC: This article examines the increased tension in client–agency relationships amid the COVID-induced recession, and how to make 2021 an opportunity to renew and refresh these partnerships. — Read the published article on WARC — Read the quick summary: The agency industry has been shaken by the pandemic, with the associated budget cuts […]

It’s Time for Advertisers to Reconsider the Legacy Agency Relationship

Featured on The Marketing Dive: Returning to the long-term partnerships of a bygone era could bring quantifiable value and trust back to brands. — Read the published Marketing Dive article — Many stories in the past few years have highlighted long-term relationships between clients and agencies ending abruptly, such as big brands including Land O’Lakes, […]

Use the Value Index to Show ROI

Featured on MarTech Advisors: Rethinking Agency Performance: Use the value index to show ROI. — Read the published MarTech Advisor’s article — It’s time to start rethinking how we measure agency performance and evaluate the health of those critical partnerships. Imagine the possibilities from a more effective use of agency talent: improved performance and substantial ROI gains. […]

Why I Ditched the Cannes Ad Fest and Headed West This Year

Featured on Forbes Magazine — Read the published Forbes article — Usually around this time of year, I would find myself on the Croisette at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Soaking up both sun and shortlists, attending a seminar or two, discussing where ad agencies get it all wrong and clients got it half right, […]