An Integrated Approach to Managing Agency Partnerships

Agency Mania Solutions Integrated Agency Management vs Siloed Approach

Request a white paper on the case for an integrated vs. siloed approach to agency management activities: The agency management discipline has garnered significant interest among brand advertisers who aim to automate and optimize their numerous agency management workflow processes, essential for fostering effective collaboration with agency partners. This surge of interest has led to […]

Guide: Secure Funding

Request a guide on how to successfully secure funding for your agency management software solutions: Software solutions dedicated to better managing agency activities are increasingly common as brand advertisers look for more systematic and automated ways to enable and foster these important partnerships, anywhere from roster, scope, briefing, and training to performance management. Although where […]

Discipline of Agency Management Increasingly More Data-Driven to Significantly Improve Efficiencies, Effectiveness and Ultimately Relationship Value

Download a print-friendly version here No longer fly blind with your agencies By Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, amplifying partnerships to create transformative value CMOs and their teams should no longer fly blind when managing important agency relationships. There is no doubt that advertising has been profoundly impacted by the strategic use of data to improve […]