Industry Update Volume 53

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap Are you tired of hearing about this “new normal”? I think we all are. Normal is not too exciting and it sets the bar quite low. Perhaps we crave a “new extraordinary”? It’s fair to say that life as we knew it has been overturned by this nasty global pandemic. […]

Industry Update Volume 52

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” We sure had our fair share of problems in 2020. As we enthusiastically turn the corner and start a promising year, January still had plenty of unexpected surprises for us. It’s hard to choose, really. The insurrection in […]

Full-Year 2020 Industry Summary

Executive Summary – Yearly Recap As you spent hours locked up in an improvised home office, did you feel overwhelmed by the cacophony of industry news, and still felt underinformed? You were not alone. We created these quick bite-sized highlights of what’s going on in our world so friends, colleagues, and clients wouldn’t have to […]

Industry Update Volume 51

Executive Summary – Monthly Recap: Are we there yet? This common kid question during any commute or cross-country holiday journey feels quite appropriate. When will this be over? Let’s face it. We have all been hurt in some way. In a recent PR week article, Civis Analytics/Finn Partners reported that our industry is feeling mood […]

Successful Roll Out

Request a white paper on how we ensure a seamless and effective solution implementation: Having the right vision and strategy are critical to success. Yet, without the right implementation and change management process, these efforts can fall short of delivering the type of value they are meant to produce. At AMS (Agency Mania Solutions), we […]

Provisioning & Onboarding Process

Request a white paper on getting ready to deploy a solution with Agency Mania Solutions: Brand advertisers who engage us to build and roll out one of our agency management solutions follow a common process and methodology, aka the “provisioning phase,” for a successful deployment. We partner closely with our clients to determine and publish […]

Agency Mania Solutions Joins AdForum Creative Gallery in New Partnership

AdForum hosts the world’s most connected network in the creative industry: SEATTLE – April 11, 2018 – Agency Mania Solutions today announced a partnership with AdForum, the creative industry’s largest global advertising agency directory and creative gallery. Agency Mania Solutions joins the largest community of advertising, marketing and communication professionals. In this partnership, Agency Mania […]