EvaluationDeliver™ Action Planning

Request a feature highlight of the Action Planning Module inside performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, which enables sustained accountability and the process of seeing action plans through more predictable and transparent: Performance evaluations have become a necessity for advertisers to continuously improve and strengthen agency relationships and the work produced by these vital partners. Once […]

EvaluationDeliver™ Results Dashboard

Request a feature highlight of the module inside agency performance solutions, EvaluationDeliver™ and PerformanceDeliver™, that provides customized, simplified, and speedy access to client/agency performance evaluation results: Advertisers conduct regular evaluations of their relationships with partner agencies, inviting both client and agency teams to provide thoughtful, productive feedback through scores and verbatim comments. This survey process […]

Migrating an existing tool to Agency Mania Solutions

Request a white paper to help you benefit from top-notch capabilities instead of settling for a suboptimal solution: Brand advertisers who reevaluate their agency management  software requirements on a regular basis benefit from the continuing innovation offered by an ever-disruptive market. Contents We Dive Into: The strategic value in replacing existing solutions How we help […]

Use the Value Index to Show ROI

Featured on MarTech Advisors: Rethinking Agency Performance: Use the value index to show ROI. — Read the published MarTech Advisor’s article — It’s time to start rethinking how we measure agency performance and evaluate the health of those critical partnerships. Imagine the possibilities from a more effective use of agency talent: improved performance and substantial ROI gains. […]

Accountability in Agency-Client Relationships is a Two-Way Street

Featured on MediaPost’s AgencyDaily & 4A’s SmartBrief: — Read the published AgencyDaily article — — Read the published 4A’s article — The average client-agency relationship is in sharp decline, creating much tension and uncertainty for both advertisers and agencies. Billions of marketing dollars are still channeled through randomly selected agencies by clients of all sizes […]