A CMO’s Wake-up Call: not Who but How

Why CMOs must shift their mindset and focus from “Which agencies should I hire?” to “How can I operate to embolden agencies to succeed?” —no matter whom a brand partners with.   A recent article by Ad Age predicts an increase in account reviews as a result of agency layoffs, corporate restructuring, leadership changes, and […]

Getting Stuff Done – Better, Faster, Smarter

Improving the output of client–agency collaboration to drive cost efficiencies and bulletproof your business in turbulent times.   In the cacophony of business life and a new year full of promises, when the demands of work, team commitments, and the ever-present allure of conflicting priorities create a symphony of chaos, the quest to get things […]

Run, Forrest, Run.

How fast or far you can run only matters if you run in the right direction: Discover how brand advertisers can ensure the effective use of budgets and talent with an integrated approach to managing agency partnerships. By Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator   In the 1994 American film Forrest Gump, based […]

An Integrated Approach to Managing Agency Partnerships

Request a white paper on the case for an integrated vs. siloed approach to agency management activities: The agency management discipline has garnered significant interest among brand advertisers who aim to automate and optimize their numerous agency management workflow processes, essential for fostering effective collaboration with agency partners. This surge of interest has led to […]

An Integrated Model of Agency Management Activities

Our visual: shows how an integrated mix of agency management tools enables top advertisers to improve data sharing and decision-making. This integrated approach enables agency-facing teams to gather more effective agency insights, action plans, work output, relationships and overall more streamlined, efficient use of resources. When advertisers are integrating multiple activities, they can consume data […]

System Integration

Request a white paper on how we integrate our solutions with internal or third-party systems: The concept of connecting applications for more effective data sharing has grown in popularity. Data is effective only when it is shared in a timely manner with other systems that can benefit from it. Most of the organizations we work […]

2018 Advertiser/Agency Predictions and Major Trends

What should advertisers and their agencies expect from each other in 2018? Discover major trends that will inevitably rock your world. By Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator Download a print-friendly version here Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the future accurately? Think about all the decisions you would make differently, […]

How Can Advertisers Successfully Overcome the Inherent Complexity of Today’s Marketing Operations and Streamline Partnership Efforts With Their Agencies?

Download a print-friendly version here Discover five effective ways to overcome your company’s Cost of Complexity (COC). Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s what Leonardo da Vinci believed, and I do too. However, marketing has never been more complex: advanced programmatic buying, social media engineering, behavioral targeting, attribution and purchase propensity models, mobile programming, complex […]