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Replace Working/Non-Working Ratios with Deploy & Develop Allocations Is the working to non-working balancing act obsolete and flawed? Without a doubt, this ratio — and its impact on effective spend management — is a controversial topic among C-suite executives and agency leaders. The ratio often makes headlines in investor calls when major cuts in non-working […]

How to Detect the Early Signs of Inefficiencies in Client/Agency Relationships, and What to do About It…Before It’s Too Late

How to detect the early signs of inefficiencies in client/agency relationships. And what to do about it…before it’s too late. By: Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator Download a print-friendly version here We are good. We are really good, at reading traffic signs. This is not a new skill. The earliest form of road […]