EvaluationDeliver™ Action Planning

Agency Mania Solutions Optional Module Add on Action Planning

Request more information on the Action Planning module within our agency performance solution, EvaluationDeliver™, which facilitates sustained accountability and enhances the predictability and transparency of action plan execution: Performance evaluations have become a necessity for advertisers to continuously improve and strengthen agency relationships and the work produced by these vital partners. Once opportunities for improvement […]

What to Look for in 2020

Our visual: outlines critical aspects of the agency lifecycle that are growing in importance (based on 2019 learnings). How brand advertisers tighten focus on the agency strategy, scoping, briefing, evaluation and training process.  To request a complimentary electronic copy of any above visuals, please contact [email protected]            

A Guide to Agency Management in 2020

Featured on ANA Marketing Maestros — Read the ANA’s published article — Advertising has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted discipline requiring skills borrowed from business strategy, finance, information technology, human resources and almost every other corporate function. So, it’s no surprise that the list of activities on marketers’ desks increasingly runs long and deep. Too […]