Agency Mania Solutions Unveils Analytical Services for Deep Measurement of Agency Performance, ROI, and Budgeting

Agency Mania Solutions unveils Analytics Services for Deep Measurement of Agency Performance, ROI, and Budgeting Data collected and leveraged from ScopeDeliverTM enables more effective client/agency relationships SEATTLE – December 7, 2018 – Agency Mania Solutions today announced availability of its new data analytical service capability that enables brand advertisers to more deeply measure agency performance, […]

The Best Way for Advertisers to Realize Cost Efficiencies

“Killing two birds with one stone,” or how advertisers can realize substantial gains by implementing rigorous scope of work AND briefing practices In the real world, the only way to hit two birds with one stone is to find two flightless, lazy birds and throw a giant stone at both so you can’t miss them. […]

Five Principles to Make the Most Effective Use of Agency Talent

Download a print-friendly version here Who killed the timesheet? Before we start joyfully pointing the finger at anyone, we must ask ourselves the question: “Why did time sheets exist in the first place?” As advertisers moved swiftly from commission-based agreements in the late 1990s and early 2000s to labor-based agreements and agency retainers, time sheets […]

How Brand Advertisers Can Make Effective Use of Retainer Fees Without Getting Burned

Download a print-friendly version here Your Agency Fees Are Burning Too Fast. Now What? There are at least three million burn cases every year in the United States. Yet burns are highly preventable. In the advertising world, “burn” has a vastly different meaning, and a controlled burn is more the focus. The large majority of […]

Discipline of Agency Management Increasingly More Data-Driven to Significantly Improve Efficiencies, Effectiveness and Ultimately Relationship Value

Download a print-friendly version here No longer fly blind with your agencies By Bruno Gralpois Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, amplifying partnerships to create transformative value CMOs and their teams should no longer fly blind when managing important agency relationships. There is no doubt that advertising has been profoundly impacted by the strategic use of data to improve […]