Why advertisers/agencies must ask the right questions to build better partnerships

When brand advertisers ask better questions about their work relationship with agencies, performance soars and the partnership strengthens. — Read our article posted on Forbes, Producers & Procurers iQ & Association of National Advertisers “Judge a man [or woman] by his [or her] questions rather than his [or her] answers.” That famous quote is often wrongly […]

ScopeDeliver™ Financial Reconciliation

Agency Mania Solutions Feature Highlight Financial Reconciliation

Request more information on the Financial Reconciliation module within our agency scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, that allows clients to continually track and review actuals against budgets: One of the fundamental functions of scope management is scope and financial reconciliation. Once budgets have been set, the deliverables have been clearly defined, and the associated costs (fees, production, […]

ScopeDeliver™ Progress Tracking

Agency Mania Solutions Optional Module Add on Progress Tracking

Request more information on the module within our agency scoping solution, ScopeDeliver™, which enables clients to continuously monitor and review the status of their scope of work (SOW), thereby managing resources more effectively and ensuring they stay on track to deliver against their objectives: Scope management is essentially centered on two concepts: planning and managing. […]

ScopeDeliver™ Internal SOW Benchmarking

Agency Mania Solutions Optional Module Add On SOW Benchmmarking

Request more information on the module within our ScopeDeliver™ solution to collect, aggregate, and report historical costs to assist in the negotiation and alignment process with agencies: An important part of the scope of work (SOW) process is the review and approval of the agency’s fee or cost submission required to carry out the work […]

A Guide to Agency Management in 2020

Featured on ANA Marketing Maestros — Read the ANA’s published article — Advertising has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted discipline requiring skills borrowed from business strategy, finance, information technology, human resources and almost every other corporate function. So, it’s no surprise that the list of activities on marketers’ desks increasingly runs long and deep. Too […]

Clients and Agencies Alike Deserve Better Partnership Practices

Featured on CampaignUS: Clients and agencies alike deserve better partnership practices. Here are five areas that agencies and clients could all work better at when it comes to partnering. — Read the published CampaignUS article — In the age of constant “mania,” advertisers and agencies deserve better ways to collaborate and successfully partner. “We deserve […]

Automating the SOW Process (Mondelez)

Featured on ANA’s Insight Brief: New ANA research reveals shifts in agency comp practices — Read the published article — With increasing pressure to cut costs, Mondelez decided to take a look at its rudimentary, manual scope of work (SOW) process to see if there was a financial benefit in automating and updating it. Originally, […]

Agency Mania Solutions Presents at Association of National Advertiser’s Members-Only Conference

Co-Founder Bruno Gralpois to speak on improving marketing outcomes through efficient scoping and briefing: SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2018 – Agency Mania Solutions’ Co-Founder Bruno Gralpois will present as a guest speaker at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Business to Business Members-Only Conference at Wells Fargo on April 25, discussing how large advertisers […]