How to successfully complete your agency transition (Checklist)

Request a checklist to help you prepare for an effective, smooth and expedient transition: Are you in the process of hiring a new agency?  How do you best handle that transition?  This is a critical and recurring activity for most advertisers.  By reading our checklist, you’ll be prepared to complete a successful agency transition. Contents […]

Migrating an existing tool to Agency Mania Solutions

Request a white paper to help you benefit from top-notch capabilities instead of settling for a suboptimal solution: Brand advertisers who reevaluate their agency management  software requirements on a regular basis benefit from the continuing innovation offered by an ever-disruptive market. Contents We Dive Into: The strategic value in replacing existing solutions How we help […]

System Integration

Request a white paper on how we integrate our solutions with internal or third-party systems: The concept of connecting applications for more effective data sharing has grown in popularity. Data is effective only when it is shared in a timely manner with other systems that can benefit from it. Most of the organizations we work […]

How to Handle the Heat of Agency Transitions

— Read the published article on ANA — — Read the published article on Adforum — How to conduct an effective, smooth and expedient agency transition…without getting burned in the process. Last year was terribly “hot” in advertising, and if you are wondering, I am not referring to global warming or the steamy agency work […]