An Integrated Approach to Managing Agency Partnerships

Agency Mania Solutions Integrated Agency Management vs Siloed Approach

Request a white paper on the case for an integrated vs. siloed approach to agency management activities: The agency management discipline has garnered significant interest among brand advertisers who aim to automate and optimize their numerous agency management workflow processes, essential for fostering effective collaboration with agency partners. This surge of interest has led to […]

Turning Agencies Into Growth Agents

Featured on The ANA Marketing Maestros, 4A’s and Adforum: How brand advertisers enable agency partners to drive business and brand growth through process automation. — Read the article published by ANA Maestros  — — Read the article published by 4A’s — — Read the article published by Adforum — GROWTH. If there is one word […]

It’s Time for Advertisers to Reconsider the Legacy Agency Relationship

Featured on The Marketing Dive: Returning to the long-term partnerships of a bygone era could bring quantifiable value and trust back to brands. — Read the published Marketing Dive article — Many stories in the past few years have highlighted long-term relationships between clients and agencies ending abruptly, such as big brands including Land O’Lakes, […]

Indexing Agency Value to Drive More Effective Use of Talent, Improving Performance and ROI

Rethinking Agency Performance: The Value Index: Let’s face it: brand advertisers are far more savvy than they used to be. They set targets to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of their agencies. They know how to evaluate the health of their agency relationships and the quality of engagement by conducting regular qualitative performance reviews. Advertisers have […]

Use the Value Index to Show ROI

Featured on MarTech Advisors: Rethinking Agency Performance: Use the value index to show ROI. — Read the published MarTech Advisor’s article — It’s time to start rethinking how we measure agency performance and evaluate the health of those critical partnerships. Imagine the possibilities from a more effective use of agency talent: improved performance and substantial ROI gains. […]

Why I Ditched the Cannes Ad Fest and Headed West This Year

Featured on Forbes Magazine — Read the published Forbes article — Usually around this time of year, I would find myself on the Croisette at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Soaking up both sun and shortlists, attending a seminar or two, discussing where ad agencies get it all wrong and clients got it half right, […]