Volume 76 | May-June 2024

Executive Summary

How do we navigate change in an uncertain world? How do we dissociate the buzz from substantive innovation in AI? How do we know which trends or company announcements truly indicate where the industry is heading? How do we know which research, survey, or article is worth our time?

Such topics are something we all struggle with as the volume of information and industry news is overwhelming at times. This is the raison d’être of our Industry Update. We have a lot to cover.

The state of the advertising industry can be best understood by reviewing the performance of the major holding companies as they report their financial performance on a quarterly basis. Recently, they reported their 2023 year-end performance as well as their Q1 2024 results. We can see who is doing well and why. We can gauge how they are managing investor expectations for the balance of 2024. Clearly, for example, Publicis Groupe is having another strong year compared to its peers, and WPP, still #1 in terms of global revenue, continues to struggle.

The results give us a vantage point on what the market values most in terms of capabilities, what brand advertisers need, and where agencies are driving operational efficiencies or making investments to be future-proof.

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Newsworthy Reports and Recent Developments

At AMS, we approach the agency management discipline as four distinct but complementary practice areas – Talent, Work and Performance, Financials, and Agency Reviews and Roster Changes – which is how we categorize the following developments.

Table of Contents

Talent……………. page 2
Work and Performance………………… page 7
Financials…………………………. page 10
Agency Reviews and Roster Changes……………… page 14

Disclaimer: The AMS Monthly Industry Update is a summary and analysis of newsworthy agency/client developments picked up in recent trade-related publications and news media.

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