Agency Mania Solutions Hosts 2018 Agency Management Leadership Consortium

Industry thought leaders share best practices, challenges and emerging trends:

SEATTLE – June 28, 2018 Agency Mania Solutions, an agency management SaaS platform and professional services firm, brings together thought leaders from across the agency management and agency relations disciplines to discuss best practices, emerging practice areas and challenges, June 28 in Seattle.

Agency Mania Solutions hosts a small community of leaders and industry influencers in agency management from some of the world’s largest brands. To encourage valuable and open discussions, consortium participants will weigh in on topics such as the digital talent gap, recent innovation in performance evaluations, as well as new disruptive trends in voice marketing and strategic scope management.

In addition to gaining valuable insight from customers, Bruno Gralpois, co-founder and president of Agency Mania Solutions, will offer insights into best practices for mixing external and in-house agencies, innovative performance and accountability concepts and key insights on the decision to move from “cost plus” to deliverable-based pricing. Additionally, he will discuss the rise of analytics and in-house programmatic.

“It is a powerful occasion to bring together many of the most trusted and respected agency relation leaders across industries to discuss, in a private setting, the constantly changing dynamics of the advertiser and agency relationship,” said Gralpois. “We constantly strive to build technology solutions that produce the best work quality and high performance for our customers and their agencies. These forums and discussions ensure we’re always innovating and setting the right pace for this ever-changing industry.”

WHAT: Agency Mania Solutions’ Agency Management Leadership Consortium

The Agency Mania Solutions executive team and colleagues will also engage in deep-dive discussions on:

  • Current M&A actives in the advertising sector
  • Key agency wins/losses of the year to date
  • Best practices in finding the right mix between external and in-house agencies
  • The rise of analytics and in-house programmatic
  • Innovative concepts to improve performance and increase mutual accountability
  • How to handle innovation and highly specialized skillsets within an agency roster
  • Implications of voice marketing for advertisers and expected impact
  • How to evolve scope management practices to deliver greater organizational value
  • When and how to move to deliverable-based pricing
  • Examples of successful internal and external talent onboarding initiatives

WHEN: Thursday, June 28, 2018, at 9 a.m. PST

WHERE: 2018 Agency Management Leadership Consortium — Seattle, Wash.

About Agency Mania Solutions

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