Agency Mania Solutions Unveils New PerformanceDeliver™ Solution

Automated client/agency performance evaluation solution identifies and analyzes potential inefficiencies in areas most critical to joint success:

SEATTLE – April 30, 2018 Agency Mania Solutions today announced the addition of PerformanceDeliver to its existing suite of SaaS-based agency management solutions. PerformanceDeliver is an automated evaluation solution that improves and strengthens existing client/agency relationships by identifying and analyzing root causes of any inefficiencies and tension in the relationship, in areas most critical to joint success.

“We developed PerformanceDeliver to help advertisers amplify or replicate what’s working best, while removing roadblocks to effective collaboration, communication, partnership, and ultimately success,” said Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions co-founder and principal. “Frequent evaluations provided by PerformanceDeliver enable a timelier process that complements the traditional relationship-based annual evaluation our clients conduct with its companion solution, EvaluationDeliver.”

Recent industry data pegs the average client/agency relationship at 3.2 years, a far cry from the multi-decade engagements of long ago. While several factors come into play, one reason is due to under-performing relationships that lead to wasted efforts and budgets. One of the best ways to combat this is real-time feedback for advertisers about the performance of their agency relationships. This results in better work and outstanding results, both essential to growing a healthy relationship, and curing troubled ones.

PerformanceDeliver enables advertisers to self-manage and centrally control the rigor of data and agency survey management on an ongoing basis, with greater flexibility. Surveys can be designed and launched on any given day, particularly useful when a relationship is deteriorating or taking action is of the essence.

PerformanceDeliver allows advertisers to:

  • Set up a new performance evaluation survey
  • Choose, add or modify questions to a given survey question set
  • Kick off a performance evaluation survey
  • Identify who should participate and trigger automated reminders
  • Access trend reporting and various charts about survey results
  • Collect the information necessary to strengthen the client/agency relationship

PerformanceDeliver can be fully integrated with ScopeDeliver™, enabling a holistic view of agency performance, by pairing in-the-moment project feedback and the more traditional relationship-focused annual evaluations.

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