Industry Update Volume 44

Executive Summary—Monthly Recap:

The headlines were initially centered around the impact on the advertising industry of the “Cookie Apocalypse” or “Cookie-pocalypse” as some call it. But it’s the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that ultimately became the center of our attention as it caused disruptions, cancellations, quarantines, and shutdowns around the world.
How could it not as the world stopped racing and the core of our global economic growth first became uncertain, and next, unstable. The advertising world took notice, eagerly listening to updates from the World Health Organization.
As we learned to work from home (WFH), avoiding public events and physical, in person meetings, we quickly embraced online forums, video conferencing, live-streaming, and digital events. We also realized the vulnerability of the advertising industry and of the society on which it relies to exist and prosper. Yet, as always, the industry will prevail. Agility, adaptability, and flexibility are, after all, its foundational building blocks.

Table of Contents:

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Financials … page 6

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Agency Reviews and Roster Changes … page 8
Disclaimer: The AMS Monthly Industry Update is a summary and analysis of newsworthy agency/client developments picked up in recent trade-related publications and news media.
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March 30, 2020
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