Agency Mania Solutions launches new AMU briefing training course

New Agency Mania University (AMU) Course Released: Master the Skill of Briefing

BELLEVUE – OCTOBER 15, 2021 Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) today announced its new course addition within its online training program (Agency Mania University), Master the Skill of Briefing. AMU is a self-serve training curriculum offering marketers of any level – marketers, procurement professionals, agency management teams – on critical best practices and agency management competencies. This particular course trains marketers in the purpose of a client input brief, the importance of their role in brief development, and how investing the time upfront to develop a strong brief benefits all (in time and resources). Also available for immediate purchase are prior modules, How to Evaluate Creative Work and Building Relationships That Last, released this past summer.

“Regardless of your marketing project, writing better briefs is about providing strong guidance and getting better work, plain and simple, said Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions’ Co-Founder and Principal. “In this course, we share what should be included in the briefing development process, best practices, common challenges and solutions and overall benefits of a strong client input/creative brief.”

Driven by tech-savvy millennials, today’s learners want concise, engaging courses with interactivity, scenarios, and games to improve learning retention. Designed by industry experts in agency management, with both extensive agency and client-side experience, Agency Mania University provides practical advice and realistic business situations to eliminate issues that can hinder partnerships. Inspired by the industry reference book Agency Mania, by Co-Founder and Principal Bruno Gralpois, the courses help you understand what’s working and what’s not in client/agency relationships, and train you in the specific skills needed for success by providing the tools to help you manage it all. Upon purchase, AMU offers 24/7 access to the training anytime, worldwide, at home or on the go. And comprehension is ensured, through quizzes and other interactive styles.

Purchase the course now: For more information about Agency Mania University, please visit Follow Agency Mania Solutions on LinkedIn and Twitter, or Bruno Gralpois on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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